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Today, more than ever, chronic disease is caused by toxins in our food

Top 10 toxic foods, preservatives & additives: How to avoid toxins! Toxins in our food show up as preservatives and additives: Preservatives, additives, food flavorings, such as MSG are used to flavor food, since food no longer has real flavor because of over cooking and a variety of chemicals and pesticides used and lack of any nutrients left from over-farmed soil are now beginning to destroy nerve cells in the brain but the authorities don’t seem to care much to regulate. These toxins may be hidden in infant formula, low fat milk, candy, chewing gum, sodas and other drinks, over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs ... More >

Fruit Skin and Seeds: Which are good and which are not!

when making a smoothie, should one include the skin and seeds or to throw them away and avoid eating them - which have vitamins and minerals and which have toxins When making a smoothie, should one include the skin and seeds or to throw them away and avoid eating them? The seeds of a plant or fruit are typically rich in vitamin and minerals but a few of them are carrying toxins which can cause irritation or even much worse. An important function of a seed is to act as an energy and nutrient source for the new plant germinating from it. Hence why it has lots of vitamins and minerals. So let’s get started on specific fruit skin and seeds of the top 18 fruits and see which are good for you and which are, may be not so good for you ... More >

Symptoms, causes, and caretaking of childhood autism

Children Autism Facts Children Autism: Autism affects more than 400,000 American families and at least one in every five children in America. Autistic children or adults at first might appear that are mentally disabled or have difficulty hearing but it’s very important to distinguish autism from other conditions. Studies suggest that autistic people should eliminate all dairy products, processed, packaged and canned foods, pesticide ridden foods, sodas and certain foods like strawberries and citrus fruits, ... More >

Colloidal Silver to the rescue against bacteria and infectious microbial

silver against bacteria and infectious microbial Effectiveness of silver against bacteria and infectious microbial Colloidal silver supports the natural defense system of the body by attacking and killing more than 500 microbial. The other added benefit is that it is alkaline and not acidic so it is gentle on the stomach for most. Although, there are currently many studies being conducted to described the way in which silver fights bacteria and heals the body, and the results are debated, it is been reported that colloidal silver to be effective in fighting against infections and diseases, including: candida, yeast infection, warts, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, arthritis, allergies, acne, psoriasis, hay fever, ringworms, and athletes foot disease. Colloidal silver has been used throughout the world, in Europe, Asia, and North America for fighting bacteria without the harmful side effects associated to pharmaceutical anti-bacterial pills which may have contaminants and chemical additives. Colloidal silver has ingested to treat a variety of diseases for thousands of years ... More >

Some vegetable oils contain cancer-causing chemicals like hexane

Large amount of omega 6—could cause inflammation (root of many chronic diseases including cancer and arthritis Large amount of omega 6—could cause inflammation (root of many chronic diseases including cancer and arthritis: Many people might think that vegetable oils are healthy since they are made from vegetable food sources. However, the reality cannot be further from the truth, since many of the processed vegetable oils contain toxic chemicals (e.g. hexane) or are made from food sources that have been genetically modified. These processed oils like soybean oil, margarine, safflower oil, canola oil (rapeseed), corn oil that were not a part of our diet until early 1900s. These days, it’s no longer cost effective (i.e. hugely profitable) for the manufacturers to extract oils from natural food sources by simply pressing or separating them ... More >

Nutrition: The medicine that actually heals

Healthcare costs continue to grow, the debates about the ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act and replacing continues debate in the U.S. Congress Healthcare costs continue to grow, the debates about the ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act and replacing continues debate in the U.S. Congress. While the insurance companies, drug companies, private hospitals and medical equipment suppliers make huge profits, Americans spend more and get less for their healthcare dollars. In fact, the profit of giant pharmaceuticals has grown more drastically as a result of overcharging American consumers and taxpayers. In the last decade, the 11 largest Pharmaceuticals made $711.4 billion in pure profits. Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealth Group — the big five for-profit insurers — cumulatively collected $4.5 billion in net earnings in the first three months of 2017. That was by far the biggest first-quarter haul for the group since the ACA exchanges went live in 2014 ... More >

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Seattle: Famous for Coffee, Rain, Artisan Restaurants - and Seahawks (of course)

New York has the Broadway. Los Angeles has the Hollywood. San Francisco, has the Bay and a famous bridge. Seattle can easily hold its own. From the amazing CenturyLink stadium, home to Seahawks the team with the most amazing Superbowl win (hehe, so hard to be humble about it), the famous music scene, and the Space Needle, to the beautiful Puget Sound with its delightful little islands accessed by ferries - Seattle has lots to offer.

Best Restaurants in Seattle WashingtonIn the culinary scene, Seattle offers some of the best mom-and-pop little cafes to the most amazing artisan restaurants you could ever find, as well as great coffee and home-made desserts (such as green tea tiramisu, apple rosemary cake, pumpkin curry ice cream profiteroles, and pistachio cake).


There are many enormously satisfying small new restaurants popping up in Seattle and Eastside since 2013 which makes this wonderful city and its suburbs one of the greatest culinary cities in America. Seattle gives you an amazing dining experience as well as a fun adventure of eating out.

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