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Health risks of Fluoride in tooth pastes and tap water

It’s been 65 years since fluoride has been added to our water supply. The main reason for adding fluoride originally was for its antibacterial properties and protecting tooth decay, which is also how fluoride ended up in many tooth pastes.

Although fluoride is mostly found in water and toothpastes, however you might find fluoride in some drugs including antidepressant and antibiotics and foods that are sprayed with pesticides. That’s why eating organic foods that aren’t exposed to any herbicide and chemicals have many health advantages.


What is fluoride and how it’s added to our water supply?

Natural fluorides in the environment are not toxic, but the water fluoridation is done by toxic chemicals not natural fluorides. In some parts of the country silicon fluoride is added to water supply. Silicon fluoride is a very hazardous waste of phosphate fertilizer industry. For many years, the toxic gasses generated by the process of phosphate fertilizers caused damage to vegetation and crippled livestock. Eventually the phosphate fertilizers industry was required to capture these toxic gases and they managed to capture them by spraying water on them.

Then they called the toxic gases that were sprayed with water silicon fluoride. Silicon fluoride was highly concentrated to be dumped into the soil and forbidden to be dumped into the ocean by international law.

But interesting enough, a hazardous product like silicon fluoride that cannot be dumped into the soil or thrown away into the sea is added to our water supply by the public water utilities. Ironically if someone buys a toxic waste, it’s no longer waste and it’s a product.

This is such an absurd notion that silicon fluoride is too toxic to be dumped into the soil, air, or sea, but can be added into our water supply. On the other hand, our bodies are like a dumpster to get rid of a very hazardous waste like silicon fluoride without any cost to phosphate fertilizers industry.

Fluoride Health Risks

The fact is that, many studies show that fluoride is a toxic substance the same as lead or arsenic that can cause many health problems. Here's a few health risks associated with Fluoride:

Fluoride & Health


Damage to bones:

First of all there is no control on how much fluoride is added to the water so as a result, in the US more than 32% of kids are overexposed to fluoride. The first side effect of being overexposed to fluoride is usually colored, brown or yellow teeth.

Fluoride can also promote damage to the bones, make them more brittle and increase the chances of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Fluoride like every other carcinogens and heavy metals accumulates in the body. Nearly 50% of fluoride that you ingest daily gets accumulated in your bones and over time can led to fluoride poisoning symptoms such as arthritis or joint pains. 

Bone Fracture

Fluoride absence doesn’t result in tooth decay:

Tooth decay is caused by too much acid in the month and consumption of too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup not lack of fluoride in our diet.

Lower IQ in Children:

There are more than 23 studies that show even moderate exposure to fluoride lowers the IQ of children. However in 2003 the National Research Council (NRC) after spending three years of research on fluoride determined that the current level of fluoride in our water supply considered safe by EPA was too high and it should be lowered. Despite the full research by NRC, the EPA completely disregarded the study and there is still unsafe level of fluoride (4ppm) in our water supply.

Fluoride & Intelligence: The 36 Studies


The irony is that you cannot get fluoride without a prescription and sodium fluoride used for water fluoridation has been used for killing rats and cockroaches. Yet various levels of fluoride that might not be safe for kids, elderly and those with weakened immune system is added to water supply, when the independent studies have shown that even small dosages of fluoride can be really harmful and toxic for health. Just when you think this whole thing is rediculous, you would be shocked to know that the FDA who doesn’t regulate fluoride in drinking water regulates fluoride in tooth pastes.

Impacts thyroid function:

From 1930s to 1950s fluoride was used for patients who had overactive thyroid, however this is concerning today, where millions of people especially women are diagnosed with low thyroid function. 

Fluoride Was Once Prescribed as an Anti-Thyroid Drug

Increases the chances of cancer:

A study performed by the Harvard School of Dental Health, listed below showed that the fluoride in tap water increases the chances of bone cancer.

Harvard/Bone Cancer Files

Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

Making Infant Formulas with Tap water

Unfortunately there are many parents who are using tap water to make infant formulas, especially in low income neighborhood and families who cannot afford to have water filter system to filter fluoride or other heavy metals.

Infant Exposure



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