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Hormones and GMOs in our food supply

America, one of the most advanced and wealthiest nations on earth is also one the sickest. But how could that be possible and what has happened along the way that the health of a nation has been comprised for the sake of profit? 


How come all of a sudden it has become normal to accept the increasing number of chemicals, pesticides, wastes and toxins in our food supply, water and cosmetics? And how did we as a nation started to accept the scam of agribusiness industry to secretly genetically modify our foods or add harmful chemicals and factory wastes to our water and food supply or cosmetics?   

Evolution of hormones in our food supplies:

Majority of livestock in the states are fed with synthetic hormones that can increase the amount of estrogen we consume in foods. Estrogen is an important hormone for female reproductive system and development of female sexual hormones. Estrogen also helps to control bone growth and cholesterol levels. Too much estrogen has been linked to breast, prostate and endometrial cancer. Humans are exposed to synthetic hormones when they consume animal’s meats that are injected with rBGH or rBST growth hormones. Hormones can increase the risk of cancer, thyroid disease, diabetes, obesity, infertility, asthma and allergies.


Hormones also find their way into our food supply via crops that are sprayed with pesticides or chemicals. They also exist in form of hormone plastic additives in baby bottles, infant formulas and food packaging. No wonder why we see an epidemic of hormone imbalances in women and young girls.

No wonder why girls at the age of 5 or men in their 40s are now growing breast! The recent studies show that young girls at the age of 10 are developing puberty.

Presence of Heavy metals like fluoride, chlorine, mercury, arsenic and BPA in our food supply:

You might not be surprised to know that arsenic is constantly added to chicken’s diet by the food industry. Fluoride and chlorine are both added to water supply and all farmed fish or even wild fish excluding wild sockeye salmon have high levels of mercury and toxins in them.

Toxic additives including high fructose corn syrup is added to almost every processed foods.High fructose corn syrup contains mercury and is toxic to your health. Lead, mercury and harmful chemical wastes are even added to cosmetics, sprays and makeup.

Bisphenol A is a toxic chemical used for plastic water or baby bottle and 93% of humans contain BPA endogenously.  

Genetically Modified Organisms in our food supply:

In genetically modified foods, the genes of one specie is inserted into DNA of another specie. In order to genetically modify food, you need to create non-equilibrium to artificially manipulate, modify or change foods in their cellar levels.  By all means, creating a non equilibrium can change and mutate over time.

How should you know if you are purchasing pesticide ridden foods or GMOs?

Purchase certified organic foods or find a local farm that applies organic products. The good news is that the organic industry has been growing in the last decade and more and more people are becoming aware that GMOs and hormones are making them sick.


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