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Sunfood & New Chapter overtaken by Procter & Gamble; A deal made with the devil

Socialize the loss and capitalize the gain and the beauty of the deal is that no one is responsible anymore because everyone is drinking from the same Kool-aid. The mother of all evil is speculation. Leverage debt. The bottom line is, it is borrowing to the hilt…” These words are familiar aren’t they? As once Gordon Gecko said “Greed is good” but somehow in today’s world it seems legal.


It’s not unusual to hear that small businesses one by one are being pushed out of the market by consolidation of larger corporations. This time the story is about Procter & Gamble buying Sunfood, one of the darling food companies that used to sell natural organic healthy foods and superfoods. David Wolfe the co-founder of Sunfood in his exclusive interview with NaturalNews BUZZ explains the details of Sunfood or better said Sunfraud corporate takeover. For two years, David Wolfe and others who truly care about longevity and nutrition worked hard for Sunfood but now Procter & Gamble with strong ties to Monsanto is in charge of it.


The interesting part is that David Wolfe’s business partner at Sunfood is the son of a former head of Monsanto who’s currently a member of the Board of Directors at Procter & Gamble. Furthermore, it is also an interesting coincidence that Bank of America and JP Morgan are among owners of P&G; the same banks who are too big to fail at expanse of the American tax payers. You probably know that Procter and Gamble sells variety of products like cleaning agents or personal beauty products that have artificial fragrance, chemicals, petroleum derivatives and other carcinogens. Some well known brands that Procter and Gamble own are Duracell, Gillette, Crest, IAMs dog food, Tide laundry detergent, Dawn dish washing soap and Pantene. P&G was the first company who brought canola oil into the market and promoted it as being healthy. But studies actually show that canola oil is related to inflammation and cardiovascular disease.


On the other hand, Monsanto is one of the largest pharmaceutical and agricultural companies that produce genetically modified seeds and foods. And now Procter & Gamble with strong ties to Monsanto has taken over Sunfood. The same takeover has happened with New Chapter which is another healthy food company similar to Sunfood. I try to be an optimist and believe in the good in everyone but these multibillion dollar companies represent a very few corporate elites that stand for economic exploitation, abolishing any regulations to protect consumers, total market control, and ultimately market domination at the expense of transparency, consumer awareness labeling, reduction in pollution, and soil sustainability, among others.

These multibillion dollar companies don’t care about people, families, neighborhoods, and communities. They don’t care about you or our country. They are interested in building wealth and flaunting it on their expensive yachts and bragging about it at their exclusive private sports clubs. Now they are targeting the organic food industry that has been fighting to bring people of this country access to non-contaminated healthy foods. Are these multibillion dollar companies going to get even richer at the expense of the American people’s health?


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