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Organic And Nutritious Diets To Boost Metabolism


List of Organic And Nutritious Diets To Boost Metabolism.


Metabolism is a term that is often bandied around despite the fact that very few understand or appreciate its crucial role in our everyday lives. Simply put, metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that keeps our bodies going. Our energy levels are entirely dependent on the metabolic reactions in our bodies.


Body weight is also closely tied to metabolism.


how-organic-nutritious-diet-can-boost-your-metabolismGender, age and other factors such as illness may determine a person's metabolic rate but you can maintain a certain level of control.


You should therefore do all you can to keep your metabolism working at an optimal level to enjoy the benefits of ideal body weight and good energy levels.


Because metabolism refers to chemical changes that take place in the body when we consume food, our food intake clearly determines the metabolic rate.


Different types of food have different calorific levels and this obviously implies that your energy levels are directly connected to what you eat.


Your weight levels also depend in large part to the type of food you eat. Organic or raw foods are often portrayed as dull and boring.


This is far from the truth because you can conjure great tasting and highly nutritious organic treats.


It is essential to do your own investigation and at the same time consult with a nutrition specialist about a healthy diet.


The nutrition specialist can provide you useful information when you are arranging your menu.


Nutritious organic foods to boost your metabolism


Eat more organic foods:


The chemicals used to control farm pests remain in the crop till it gets to your table.


The toxins in the residual chemical substances pose serious health risks for the consumer. Serious alteration of metabolic rates is one of the most serious consequences.


Due to lower metabolic rates, you inevitably gain weight even if your portions are small. Eating organic food free from chemical contaminants is therefore highly recommended. Pick organic vegetables from the shelf next time you go shopping.


These foods include vegetables such as kale, spinach, carrots, fruits, cabbage, capsicum and many more. Cayenne and cinnamon are the best spices to incorporate in your diet to enhance metabolism. The speediest spices are the pungent ones like powered onion, mustard seed, black pepper and ginger.


organic-nutritious-diet-to-boost-your-metabolismFoods rich in Omega-3s:

Having your diet incorporated with omega-3 fatty acids will greatly increase your metabolism.


The main source of omega- 3 fatty acids is wild fish, however, seeds and nuts are also high in omega 3.


These acids decrease the production of leptin hormone, a natural chemical associated with lowering body’s metabolism.


Increase your water intake:

Water is not a food but a metabolic booster, and studies have shown that drinking plenty of water quickness up fat burning.

In addition water is a detoxifier and a natural appetite suppressant. People with a high water intake invariably have better metabolic rates than their counterparts who drink less.


Water is crucial for almost all body functions and makes up to 75% of the entire body mass.


Your muscles, blood and even bones contain water. Water plays an essential role in digestion and other bodily functions. Insufficient amounts of water in the body can cause organ damage and decreased metabolic rates.


Foods high in calcium:


Eating foods rich in calcium will help increase the body metabolism and thus more fats will be oxidized to provide energy in the body. Keep in mind that calcium is mostly effective when it’s taken with its best friends magnesium and silicon.


You can also use calcium supplement to boost the calcium levels in your body in case your diet is short of calcium. These foods include vegetables such as spinach, carrots and kale.


Eat fiber rich foods:


Dieticians generally recommend that your daily diet should contain at least 30 gms of fiber.


One of the major benefits of a fiber rich diet is that it helps to keep your weight under control. This is essential because you can only maintain a healthy metabolic rate if your weight hovers around the ideal level.


Fiber rich foods such as broccoli, berries, fish and green leafy vegetables are also low in calories and facilitate effective digestion. However it is essential to ensure that you keep it organic.


There's an intricate link between the food you eat and your metabolic rate.


However, several other factors such illness, medication, serious injury and others may influence your metabolism. A dietician can propose a diet plan that will guarantee you optimum energy levels and ideal body weight. Finally eat healthy and stay physically active.


By Anita Joseph



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