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My Story. Hope It Saves A Life. May be You or Someone You Know.

It is not often that any one of us goes through a life threatening experience and not wish to share it with other people in order to help others that may go through the same – may be it’s because we know how scared we were and remember that we felt so helpless and cried out for answers, ideas, solutions or just anything to make the pain go away so that we can feel better again and things go back to normal.

After some hesitation and wanting to avoid attention to what I have gone through in the last 10 months, I decided to share my story with the large audience of members at and hope that my experience would be something worth for others so may be they can learn something from it or even be inspired by it and not give up and keep on trying.


After reading my story, I hope you simply feel that you will never give up on yourself – be it health or prosperity and that you will take a better care of yourself from today onwards, starting even with small measures.

Here it is.

I am a woman, 47 years old and living in California. For years I felt healthy and had no health problems. About a year ago I started getting stomach aches which got me concerned.

After consulting with 3 doctors who kept telling me there is nothing wrong and we don’t think there is anything of concern, I requested (strongly – almost demanding) that I have a CAT scan and find out what is in my stomach. I had felt that I had something in my stomach growing and hurting every time I ate food. They thought I was crazy and there is no way for a person to feel food against the insides of their stomach.

When the results came, it was obvious that the pain and the feeling of something growing inside the stomach walls, was actually tumors.

Extensive testing was conducted for 2 months, which itself was quite painful and disrupted my life on a daily basis as well as work and my responsibilities towards my loved ones. But finally the decision was offered that chemotherapy must be performed to destroy the tumors.

There was no hesitation by me although my doctor did suggest that I find out more about the side effects and complications associated to chemotherapy. But I felt that I am strong enough to handle it and had no idea what I was up against.


When you are scared you have no idea that you may be jumping out of a cooking pot and straight into the fire. You just want the “thing” to go away and feel that any price is worth it in order to get back to normal.

The procedures were explained to me and it was decided that 6 sessions of chemotherapy is needed to destroy the tumors, and one session would be conducted per every 2 weeks.

The first treatment was just unimaginably painful and I spent a week in bed with no energy to move or do anything. It was far more painful that I had anticipated. It was like dying. It really was that bad. The second session, as it had been explained to me by my doctors, was worse than the first. Just when you think it is unimaginably painful and nothing can be worse than the first time around – the second time around reminds you that you were wrong. It can be worse.

My body had gotten so weak and so fragile and my determination had vaporized in thin air. I did not want to continue and would have preferred to die than to continue with another session of chemotherapy.

Just when I had lost all hopes and had come to accept that this is my life and this is how it ends and I must accept it, a friend suggested that I talk to someone she recommended as he is good with nutrition and many people had regarded him as having been very helpful in the past to them.  I checked with my network of friends and all had many good stories about his nutritional recommendations.

I had no expectations and I made no assumptions. I had contemplated discontinuing my life so it was not an issue for me to talk to someone and hear what they had to say.

I admit the first 2 hour conversation on the phone was the most refreshing and the most hopeful I had been for a while up until that point. His advice was backed by clear explanation on how the body works and how much nutrition, devised carefully and effectively, would help strengthen the body and help the immune system fight to improve health and protect the body against cancer cells.

There is no doubt that what made me believe and follow all of his instructions was the way it was explained to me. As an analytical person, I needed the logic behind the reason for how something works the way it does. I immediately decided to follow his recommendations since I had nothing else to rely on – and I was absolutely not going to continue the chemotherapy sessions.


As per his instructions, I changed my diet immediately and became almost all vegetarian with the exception of eating wild salmon twice a week. I stopped red meat completely, 0% red meat diet. I reduced my intake of dairy all the way down to 1 serving per week. No eggs. No bread. No cereal. My diet comprised of lots and lots and lots of broccoli, celery, kale, carrots, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, cacao beans (whole), gojiberries, coconut water, parsley, coriander, herbs and spices including ginseng, turmeric, rosemary, basil, mushrooms, mint, cayenne pepper and cinnamon, and romaine lettuce – ALL Organic only.

Additionally, I also had servings of, to a much lesser degree, pineapple, mango, papaya, pears and apples for their live enzymes and high amounts of vitamin C.

This was all I had for about 2 months. Within this time, I believe as a result of my diet, I went from being exhausted and bedridden almost the whole time to being able to function, walk about half hour, dress myself, prepare my food, hold conversations with my friends, and once again felt that I was living and had somewhat of a life. For the first time, I had hope again after, what seemed like, a long period of its absence.

I consulted with this knowledgeable friend (since now we spent hours on the phone talking about nutritional healing) again and he recommended Colloidal Platinum. I had no idea what this was except that I knew that the chemotherapy they used on me had high doses of platinum in it.

Since I was feeling better, I trusted his opinion and decided to take Colloidal Platinum. This friend sent me 2 bottles of Colloidal Platinum with 1 of them containing (partly) Iridium. I was also given instructions on how to take these on an empty stomach each morning after I wake up.

Colloidal Silver To the Rescue, Against Bacteria and Infectious Microbial

For 2 months I followed his advice and took these dietary supplements. Every day, I felt that the tumors were getting smaller – I know it sounds ridiculous for someone saying that but I am only expressing what I felt. Nothing more. I ‘felt’ it was working. Make of it what you will.


Every day I felt I was getting stronger and stronger and since I love swimming, I tried to go swimming again. Soon I was swimming an hour and half in our association pool for our apartment complex. I have not felt better for years. I cannot explain it scientifically but I know it in my heart and I feel it in my stomach that the Colloidal Platinum and Iridium in it is directly responsible for my being much better today. The nutritional diet also helped me strengthen my body and my immune system and to starve cancer cells of oxygen with a diet of high anti-oxidants and high nutritional value.

Sharing this story with you is my choice and submitting it to was only because I was introduced (by the same friend) to this site and its members. I received lots of support and encouraging comments and also lots of good questions from people among the 50,000+ people there and I felt that I wanted to tell the whole story for all those that are interested to hear it. This is a wonderful community of people, with a few exceptions of those that attack the community and would prefer that it did not talk about Monsanto’s poisons or GMO effects. But the ‘real’ members are simply wonderful people, in my opinion.

I did not receive any money or any form of compensation from for sharing this story. I did not receive money or any form of compensation from, and they don’t even know that I exist since my ‘friend’ sent me the bottles completely free of charge and as a present and he himself even paid for the shipping. I never bought anything from directly and never talked to anyone there nor got any free things from them. So please don’t assume a beneficiary has paid for me to share my story. This is my story. It is the truth. No one paid for this posting.

Yes, I know doubters would pick at my story and try to discredit my conclusions or accuse me of one thing or another. We all have met people like that before. They will look for 1,000 reasons to discredit you and not a single ear to simply listen to you – and ‘HEAR’ you. But I come to understand that those people have their own agenda. I just want to share my story to possibly help someone out there that may be listening and if I can help one human being, then posting this article was worth it.

I don’t know if anything I have written above would help anyone or not. I hope it does. I hope if you feel despair that you give alternative means a chance. Just give it a chance. What do you have to lose? Nutrition is important to strengthening your body and its immune system. Do you really believe that you help your body by putting dead food like hamburgers and French fries in it? Please consider at the least to revitalize your body with good nutritional food, good clean water, some relaxation or meditation techniques, and may be even reassessing your priorities – and reduce stress. Eat organic food whenever you can and copy all the presidents, ex-presidents, members of congress and CEOs, who eat organic food to avoid paying for medication years later. Your life is just as important as a president or an ex-president. It’s up to you. It’s your life. Don’t wait until it’s too painful to consider living and the pain makes you think of discontinuing your life. I was lucky. I am afraid some others may not be. Start today to look after yourself better, nutritionally, and physically.

God bless.