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How your Choices Affect your quality of Life

“The Awakening of Consciousness is the Next Evolutionary Step for Mankind” ~Eckhart Tolle

The human consciousness is becoming more and more aware that everything in the current political, social, economical and food system is rigged, manipulated and designed for distraction and suppressing your humanity and true desire to simply love and be loved.


The financial system has been at the near point of collapse once every 10 years, in a cycle of boom and bust, when everything you’ve worked hard for can vanish in a blink of an eye.

The “healthcare” system has become “sick-care“ system, controlled by powerful insurance corporations and lobbyists with their entire focus on making money rather than healing.

The food system is manipulated and toxic foods are regulated safe by the big corporation who spend millions of dollars to bribe politicians and the government officials. And genetically modified foods, toxic additives, preservatives, foods with high levels of chemicals and pesticides, MSG, high fructose corn syrup and many other carcinogens are added to your food without proper labeling and proper scientific assessment for their safety.

Most scientific studies and research are in the hands of few corporate lobbyists and elites who bribe and dominate schools, research labs and academia. And if scientific research of concerned scientists isn’t aligned with the message of big corporations’ PR, the scientists get bribed, threatened to stop or even fired. The FDA and USDA who should be in charge of regulating our foods and making nutritious healthy foods available in our schools and communities are both in the hands of giant chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies who regulate and call toxic ingredients in foods GRAS “Generally Regarded As Safe”.

So how can someone not be a part of the current system?


First of all “you are what you eat”. You can stop being a part of the big corporation’s games by changing your diet. Avoid genetically engineered foods, foods that have high levels of pesticides and chemicals and foods that have toxic additives and preservatives. Instead shop in a local grocery store or a local farm and boycott the big corporations and their toxic foods. That way you don’t need sick-care or drugs that make you even sicker.

Change your life by choosing sustainable organic living, respect nature and other species.

Don’t waste your money on prescription drugs and vaccines and take care of you body by eating the best superfoods and herbs and exercise on regular basis. Don’t send your children to government or private schools and home school your kids.

Instead of watching a life on TV, live a real life in nature and have fun outdoor activities. Don’t rely on the propaganda of the cable news and do your own research to find independent resources of the news.

Instead of making investments on the fiat money, make investments on things that are real. Keep in mind that “Paper is is the ghost of money, not the money itself”. Buying a land for your retirement would be a good investment where you can plant your own organic vegetables and fruits.

Put your family first and be kind to the ones around you and remember that everything else in the world doesn’t matter except loving and caring about one another.

Unlike what the society tries to convince you, your success and the value of your work isn’t measured by how much money you make, but the difference you make in people’s lives.

Follow your heart and dreams and never let anyone to put you down or discourage you. Don’t be afraid of failure, failure is a part of success and never give up. You don’t know how high you can fly unless you spread your wings.



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