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The terrifying nature of the new cyber warfare and Monsanto’s strong ties to U.S. secret services, the U.S. military, private security companies and U.S. government

According to a detailed report published by a German magazine, the giant biotech company Monsanto has aggressively been targeting GMO opponents, environmentalists, independent researchers, scientists and activists who openly oppose genetically modified foods.

With the population of the planet growing really fast, the giant toxic producing Frankenfood Company, Monsanto does not hesitate to do whatever it takes to push for their global agenda of market domination and control.

Monsanto has also strong ties with US Federal government and US military industrial complex. In fact, using chemical and biological weapons has been always part of the politics of the so called “invincible empires” and Monsanto’s involvement in creating ‘Agent Orange’ or first ‘Atomic Bomb’ is an indication of Monsanto’s close ties to the central power in Washington. 

Monsanto-US-military“Imagine the internet as a weapon, sitting on the table. Either you use it or your opponent does, but somebody’s going to get killed” says Jay Byrne, the former head of public relations at Monsanto.

Monsanto’s opponents all over the world, especially in Europe have reported regular attacks by professional hackers on their personal PCs and websites.

Recently, the European environmental organisation ‘Friends of the Earth’ and the German Environmental and Nature Protection Association (BUND) wanted to present a study about the harms of Monsanto’s best selling herbicide “Roundup” and it’s toxic active ingredient “glyphosate”. Two days before the study was set to be published in 18 different countries, a virus disables the computer of the main organizer. “Nothing is worse for a study than a cancelled press conference and we did ask ourselves at the time if we were seeing ghosts” said Heike Moldenhauer from German BUND association.

However, the toxic producing company, Monsanto denies its involvement in spreading various viruses and says it take pride in operating ‘responsibly’. “Today, it is very easy to make and spread all kinds of allegations; they say that over and over there are also dubious and popular allegations spread, which disparage our work and products and are in no way based on science.” says the company’s website.

However, the critics of GMOs and Monsanto wonder why a large number of Monsanto’s opponents experience demonization and regular attacks on their PCs by professional hackers. However, cyber war and using internet as a weapon against your opponents is a great way to shut down and silence your critics, especially if you are a resourceful company like Monsanto with strong ties to U.S. secret services, the U.S. military, private security companies and of course, the U.S. government.

Monsanto’s strong tie to notorious former secret service agent, Joseph Cofer Black is no secret. According to sustainablepulse.com, “Joseph Cofer is a specialist on dirty work and a total hardliner. He worked for CIA for almost three decades, among other things he was the head of anti-terrorism. He later became vice president of the private security company Blackwater”.  

Monsanto’s opponents

However, thanks to whistle blowers like Wikileak and Jeremy Scahill (the author of bestselling book called Blackwater, The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army) the dark history of Blackwater and its genocide against innocent civilians have been exposed to many around the world.

Amazingly, after every genocide (including the one video that went viral about the deadly shooting of 17 Iraqi civilians), the US State Department promises Blackwater immunity and amnesty from prosecution.

Monsanto’s former lobbyists and employees have also high ranking posts in US government. However, more and more counties are rejecting Monsanto’s toxic producing foods. Most countries in EU have rejected GMOs or have imposed restricted laws for GMO labeling.

In 2009, Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Germany, Ilse Aigner banned a type of GMO corn in Germany fields and when she travelled to US she was approached by Tom Vilsack (the secretary of agriculture and former governor of Iowa who was awarded as the governor of the year by biotech industry) about Monsanto. Although there is no record on the discussion between Vilsack and Aigner, there are speculations that there were huge efforts to change the direction of German government policies in favor of GMOs.

As no act of rebellion against the pesticide Empire remains unrewarded, in 2007, Craig Stapleton, the US former ambassador in Paris suggested that the US should create a penalty list for EU countries that prohibit planting GMOs in their countries.

Also, the recent report we wrote about Free Trade Agreement between EU and US is meant to abolish the consumer protection laws, especially regarding genetically modified foods. In fact, Islam Siddiqui (Former DuPont and Monsanto VP who is now the representative of agriculture negotiator for US trade) has been appointed by Obama as the chief negotiator of the agreement. http://seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/Obama-eu-us-free-trade-GMO-agreements.php

Scientists under attack and Monsanto’s supporters discredit actual scientific studies that appose GMOs

cyber-warfareMonsanto and their thugs have been attacking independent scientific community members among them Dr Huber, Dr Arpad Pusztai and Dr Judy Carman. 10 Reasons why @OrganicLiveFood is being attacked and demonized by pro-GMO crowd

Dr Arpad Pusztai was one of the first scientists that found disturbing results on how GMOs were unsafe and can cause pre-cancer cell growth, damage to digestive tracts and liver and auto-immune disorder. But right after his findings, Dr Arpad Pusztai gets fired from his job and he is threatened with law suit.

Also, the publications of the Australian scientist, Dr Judy Carman about the health risks of GMOs are questioned by the same researchers who criticize other studies that appose GMOs. In fact, hackers regularly target Dr Carman’s web pages where she publishes her findings and studies. One of the recent findings of Dr Judy Carman was severe stomach inflammation in pigs that were fed with Monsanto’s GM corn. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/GMO-severe-stomach-inflammation-pigs-and-war-on-journalism.php

The terrifying nature of the new cyber warfare:

Among many other activists and researchers, the informational website about GMOs known as GM Watch has experienced strange attacks. The editor of GM Watch, Claire Robinson reports continued hacker attacks on the homepage since 2007. “Every time we increase the page security just a bit, the opposite side increases their tenacity and come up with newer viruses”, she says.

According to sustainablepulse.com, “When the French scientist Gilles Eric Seralini published a controversial study on the health risks of genetically modified maize and glyphosate in 2012, the web site of GM Watch was hacked and blocked. The same repeats when the opinion of the European food inspectorate (EFSA) is added to the site. The timing was skillfully selected in both cases. The attacks took place exactly when the editors wanted to publish their opinion”.

In fact, America uses cyber war fare against other so called “enemies of the state”. The former National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden who ran for his life after leaking information about NSA recently said that Stuxnet (an unprecedented cyber weapon that targeted Iran’s nuclear program) was the product of American-Israeli joint secret operation.






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