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Wireless phones, cell phones and cordless phones can significantly increase the risk of brain tumor

Almost 60% of teenagers and 90% of adults in America use cell phones, iPhones or Blackberry on regular basis and there are almost as many cell phone subscriptions in the world as there are people. Statistics show that an average American spend at least 144 minutes a day on cell phones to communicate with friends, colleagues or family.

While cell phones provide many benefits to communicate more easily and effectively with your friends, co-workers or family members, the recent research shows that mobile phones transmit electromagnetic waves that can have many negative effects on our health and well-being.


One of the studies is a recent Swedish research on how the electromagnetic exposure of cell phones, wireless phones and cordless phones can significantly increase the risk malignant and non-malignant brain tumors.

The leading author of the study, Dr. Lennart Hardell and his colleagues in Sweden discovered that people who used wireless phones for more than a year were 70% at higher risk of brain tumor compared to those who used wireless phones for a year or less. They also discovered that people who used wireless phones for more than 25 years had 300% more risk of developing brain cancer than those who used cell phones for a year or less.

The study indicated that the both the number of using wireless cell phones and the number years of using wireless phones were important factors in increasing the risk of brain tumor. 25% of the study subjects used wireless phones or cell-phones for 2,376, or more hours in their lifetime, which that comes down to 40 minutes a day use of cell-phone over ten year period. Those who heavily used wireless or cell phones were found to be at 250% greater chance of developing brain tumor than people who never used wireless or cordless phones or used them for less than 39 hours in their lifetime.

Other studies about the negative impact of cell phones:

-Brain cancer:

A report supported by the World Health Organizations indicates that people who used cell phones for 1,640 hours or more had 180% higher chance of developing brain cancer.

-Children and cell phone use:

Studies including the one published by Environmental Health discovered that children who used cell-phones were at much greater risk of developing brain tumors by the time they were teenagers. This could be alarming since majority of students (approximately 12 years old) are fully engaged in cell phone activities and they even leave their cell phones close to their bed at nights.

- DNA damage:
A study by Dr. Lai and his colleagues at University of Washington, with the title of “Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields” shows that electromagnetic waves of cell-phones can have negative impact on the nervous system, cardio health, immune system, as well as hormones and reproduction and can cause behavioral problems. Dr. Lai findings also shows that the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones enhances oxidation in cellular levels and increases the production of hydroxy free radicals leading to DNA damage in cellular level, cancer and even death.http://inthesenewtimes.com/2012/03/27/the-biological-effects-of-weak-electromagnetic-fields/


-Affecting brain glucose metabolism:

A 2011 study with the title of “Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure and Brain Glucose Metabolism” showed that cell phones can affect the brain glucose metabolism associated with cellular and behavioral brain function and can cause diseases such as diabetes, strokes and schizophrenia.

-Increasing stress and negative emotions:  

In a study in UK, the researchers at University of Essex discovered that mobile communication technology influences face-to-face conversation quality and increase negative emotions. Another study by the researchers at University of Gothenburg, Sweden shows that high use of cell phones can cause stress and sleep apnea, especially for women.

Here are the following tips on how to use wireless phones more safely:

>> Use a headset or speakers while talking on cell phones. Using a Bluetooth device will expose you to less radiation than a cell phone. However, use different ears each time talking on Bluetooth, so you won’t get too much radiation exposure on one side.

>> Text more often since cell phones send less radiation when you are texting than talking.

>> Talk on the cell phone when signal is strong, since radiation increases drastically when the signals are weak.

>> When you are not using your cell phone, turn it off. Do not leave your phone close to where you seat, your pocket or bed because if your phone is on, it still sends signals to connect with other phone towers.

>> When you are using your cell phone, keep it away from your body since radiation absorbed by your head or body significantly decreases when you keep the phone at a distance (even a small distance).

>> Limit the use of wireless devices and if possible for long conversations use a land-line phone.

>> The World Health Organization considers cell phones and other wireless devices a carcinogen, so limit your cell phone use and don’t let your children to use cell phones since the brain of kids is more vulnerable because their skull is thinner and absorbs more radiation. "The brain is actually protected in part by the skull, because bone is more dense than brain, which contains fluid. The brain of a child, is particularly vulnerable because their skulls are thinner and their brains contain more fluid. It's the fluid in fat which can absorb more microwave radiation," says Dr. Devra Davis, the researcher about the dangers of cell phones. "Practicing safe phone use is very simple. It means distance is your friend. Keep the phone off your body. Use an air tube headset if you can find one, or any headset will do, so long as it's not dripping down the front of your body and conducting it right back into you. Never keep a phone on in your pocket or on your body."






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