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Crude awakening, power of giant oil companies and Mineral paraffins might be the largest contaminant in your body

Due to population growth and lack of reliable public transportation, many Americans use their cars to commute. Transportation is the largest source of air pollution in US and US uses 25% of the worlds' energy resources despite the fact that it only represents 5% of the world population.

Unfortunately, although the United States has the technology to run electric cars and rely on renewable resources of energy like solar and wind, the powerful oil companies and their lobbyists have made sure that ‘crude oil’ will remain the main source of energy for the world for many decades to come.

giant pharmaceutical oil chemical companies poisoning our habitat

Any research about alternative energy sources are undermined by giant oil companies and their lobbyists. To your surprise, millions of dollars are funded by oil companies to explore other alternative energy sources which often results in exploration of more oil fields for giant oil companies.

Although many people think that gasoline prices in US is about $4 per gallon, the fact is that the price that we all end up paying for oil is much higher than that, if you consider the ‘Real’ cost of oil extraction, its environmental pollution/disasters and health implications/costs which about 1/3 is paid from the federal tax revenue. As we all remember, BP’s oil (British Petroleum) disaster expelled more than 200 million gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and up to today there are reports of deaths and toxicity of dolphins and sea life, including the Gulf Shrimp that you may be having for dinner at a restaurant nearby.

Crude awakening: Are we that naive to think that the environmental pollution and by-products of ‘crude oil’ will not eventually end up in our air, food or drinking water?

In fact, mineral oil driven from ‘Crude oil’ or ‘Petroleum’ is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs and even our food supply; although alarming levels of these fat-soluble hydrocarbons are accumulating in our bodies. These petroleum-based byproducts are affecting the infants by contaminating the mother’s breast milk. In fact, in a study of 465 autopsies, the researchers discovered that 48% of livers and 46% of spleens of participants showed signs of Mineral oil lipogranulomata.

According to FDA’s website, mineral oil is regulated safe and can be used in cosmetics as well as food additives based on CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=172.878

Mineral paraffins might be the largest contaminant of our body:

According to a 2008 study, since drugs, cosmetics and our food supply is saturated with "food-grade" petroleum, mineral paraffins could be the largest contaminant of our body widely amounting to 1g per person and reaching 10 g in extreme cases.

According to the researchers, “Paraffins of mineral oil origin (mineral paraffins) were analyzed in tissue fat collected from 144 volunteers with Caesarean sections as well as in milk fat from days 4 and 20 after birth of the same women living in Austria. Concentration of mineral paraffins varied between 15 and 360 mg/kg fat, with an average of 60.7 mg/kg and a median of 52.5 mg/kg. More disturbingly, the milk samples of day 4 contained virtually the same mixture of mineral paraffins as the tissue fat at concentrations between 10 and 355 mg/kg (average, 44.6 mg/kg; median, 30 mg/kg)”.


The cosmetic industry dumps alarming levels of crude oil derivatives into skin lotions, eyeliners, creams, oils and tanning products:

The same stuff that goes inside your car engine is used inside women’s cosmetics because of its viscosity. Mineral oil which is a derivative of petroleum can block pores in skin and increase the risk of allergies, skin rashes and even tumors.

In fact, whatever you put on your skin, will get absorbed and all it takes less than 26 seconds for your favorite skin moisturizer to be absorbed inside your body. Many cosmetics are contaminated with alarming levels of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals and a 2009 disturbing study shows that many popular moisturizers including Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream, and Vanicream could increase the risk of tumors by 69%.

According to researchers “The results indicate that several commercially available moisturizing creams increase the rate of formation and number of tumors when applied topically to UVB-pretreated high-risk mice”.

The leading author of the study, Dr Allan H. Conney, PhD, says “In a mouse model of sun-related skin cancer , frequent application of each product resulted in more skin tumors and faster tumor growth”. “This was unexpected. We really did not expect to see the tumor-promoting activity of these creams”, says Conney.

"We thought it would be prudent to test Dermabase by itself to see if it had tumor-promoting activity," Conney says. "We did not think it would. But lo and behold, to our surprise we got an increased rate of skin cancer."






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