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GMO Initiative labeling in Washington   

Recently many independent scientific papers, food advocates, researchers and even FDA’s scientists have been warming the public about the possible harms and side effects of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. But the big 6 pesticide and the pro-GMO crowd who have been financially benefiting from their stocks in biotech companies are still in denial and refuse to put a label on GMO.


Recently, more than 350,000 registered voters signed a petition (100,000 more than required) demanding that raw or processed foods sold in state of Washington should be labeled.

Trudy Bialic, the spokeswoman of PCC Natural Markets in Seattle in an interview mentioned that labeling genetically modified foods is not just a right-to-know issue and is much bigger than it seems. This is about preserving export markets.

Bialic pointed out that 62 other countries have banned, restricted or required GMO labeling and labeling GMO foods would also ban the export of genetically modified organisms in the state of WA. 

The labeling of genetically modified foods in WA is similar to California Proposition 37 that required GMO foods to be labeled. However the Washington pro-labeling GMO campaigners are well-aware that they face an uphill battle since pocket of Monsanto and their buddies are so deep and their lobbyists are so influential.


Last November, Monsanto and their buddies spent $46 million against the will of 93% of Americans who wanted GMOs labeled. The power of these big pesticide companies come to picture when even a handful of authorities in charge of FDA or USDA have been working, lobbying or aggressively defending biotech industry and its policies.

Recently the FDA approved GMO alfalfa and since alfalfa is pollinated by insects that could be an end to the organic industry as we know.


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However, the policies of FDA and USDA are still aligned and support biotech. The Food and drug administration lately approved the genetically modified salmon mentioning that GMO salmon are no threat to the environment.

Genetically Engineered Salmon Closer to U.S. Approval

So frankenfish will soon appear on your plate and this nonsense statement that a fish that can grow in only two weeks is no harm to you or the environment - is an absolute absurd propaganda initiated by biotech industry.

However, the amazing part is that FDA has no problem with approving genetically modified fish and alfalfa with a blink of an eye but doesn’t even care to respond to a petition called --“Just Label It” --on Federal level that has gathered 1.3 million signatures since last fall. “Just Label It” movement requires labeling of all genetically modified foods in US. 

Will state of Washington win the battle for freedom of choice so people can know what they are eating? 

The California Prop.37 was defeated 53% to 47% while Monsanto, DuPont and Pepsi Co spent $46 million on false advertising compared to prop. 37 that could only raise $7 million from middle class who were mostly single moms or university students. They won simply by scaring people into thinking that GMO labelled food will cost more which in actual reality is totally false - and in fact GMO labelled food will cost less in long run. But the advertising did its damage and convinced audiences of the big lie.

The pro-labeling GMO campaigners in WA are well-aware that they shouldn’t underestimate the influence and political corruption of Monsanto. In fact Bialic, the spokeswomen of PCC Natural Food Market mentioned that there is no way that the pro-GMO labeling campaigners could outspend the giant Monsanto, PepsiCo and their buddies but the victory on labeling GMO is inevitable. She also mentioned that since 30 other states have initiated GMO labeling, winning the battle is just a matter of time. She also hoped that state of Washington is going to be the first one who wins the battle.


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