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Manganese / Molybdenum / Phosphorus

Manganese is an important mineral in the body that can help to regulate metabolism and blood sugar, boost body’s immune system and energize the body. Manganese is very important for people with iron deficiencies and can help with absorption of vitamin B1 and vitamin E.

Manganese deficiencies can cause memory loss, heart problems, high level of cholesterol, rapid pulse, perspiration and hypertension. Manganese can be found in nuts and seeds, egg yolk, pineapple, green leafy veggies, avocados, seaweed and whole grain. Herbals such as alfalfa, hops, lemongrass, ginseng, parsley, peppermint, chickweed, chamomile yarrow and yellow duck also contain manganese.


Molybdenum: Moly promotes cell function, activates enzymes, regulates metabolism and strengthen bones and teeth. Moly can be found in bones, liver and kidney stones. Molybdenum deficiencies can cause cancer and mouth or gum disease. Moly can be found in cereals, green veggie leaf, peas, grains and legumes.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus is essential for heart rhythm, cell growth, vitamin absorption, healthy bone, tooth formation and kidney function. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus should be in balance all the time. Deficiencies or excess in any of these minerals can have adverse effects on the body. Phosphorus deficiencies can cause bone pain, fatigue, skin sensitivity, weakness, irritability, breathing problems and anxiety. Phosphorus can be found in asparagus, yeast, corn, dairy products, eggs, fruits, garlic, nuts, sesame, pumpkin seeds, poultry, meat, salmon and whole grain.


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