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FDA moves forward with approving GE salmon. "Frankenfish" might end up on your dinner plate as early as 2014. Take action and say ‘No to Frankenfish’.

According to a report by Organic Consumers, the first genetically modified salmon known as ‘Frankenfish’ might end up in your dinner plate as early as 2014. The new GM fish called AquaBounty is sitting in FDA’s queue for approval and if it’s approved, GE salmon would be the first transgenic animal entering into our food supply.

Many researchers and food activists have raised questions and concerns about the safety of GE fish. However, FDA in their preliminary assessment has ruled that GM fish is unlikely to pose a threat to human health and the environment. Other health advocates and researchers think otherwise and the senior scientist at the Consumers Union and the advocacy and policy arm of Consumer Reports, Michael Hansen, has called FDA’s preliminary assessment ‘flawed and inadequate’.

What is involved in the process of GE salmon?

FDA-might-approve-frankenfish-by-2014-health-risksThe manufacturer of AquaBounty is a biotech company based in Massachusetts and creates GE salmon by inserting the DNA of ocean pout fish (a type of eel), along with growth hormone gene from the Chinook Pacific salmon, into a fertilised Atlantic salmon egg. As a result, the final product ‘Frankenfish’ can produce growth hormones all year around (not just during the warm weather) and grow a lot faster and reach the market weight in just 18 months.

What are the risks of GE salmon?

1. Researches have warned that GE salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes

According to a research study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, the Canadian scientists have discovered that GE Atlantic salmon can cross-breed with wild brown trout. According to researchers, GE salmon which is engineered with extra genes for quick growth can pass this trait to the hybrid offspring.

In the wild, the Atlantic salmon occasionally mates with the brown trout, but the researchers discovered that out of 363 fish inside a laboratory, about 40% of the hybrids carried GE genes and the young GE fish grew extremely quickly. According to Dr Darek Moreau, “[Under hatchery conditions] the transgenic hybrids grew faster than the wild salmon, wild trout and wild-type hybrids. The GM hybrids also outgrew the GM salmon."

2. Health risks:

Researchers have shown concerns that GE salmon can increase the risk of allergic reactions. In a statement, Michael Hansen PhD, Senior Scientist with Consumers Union said that "The Environmental Assessment (EA) states that the FDA has found that the salmon is safe to eat. However, we are deeply concerned that the potential of these fish to cause allergic reactions has not been adequately researched. FDA has allowed this fish to move forward based on tests of allergenicity of only six engineered fish”.

Besides increase in allergies, GE salmon has high levels of growth hormones, IGF-1 that has been linked to early puberty, colon, breast and prostate cancer.

3. Less nutrients:

GE salmon is less nutritious than wild fish. Wild sockeye salmon is high in essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids (DHA that’s necessary for neurological and brain development) and vitamin B12 (vital for making blood cells and healthy nervous system). GE salmon has much less nutrients than wild salmon in terms of omega 3 fatty acids and B12 while it has much higher level of pollution and contamination like farmed salmon. While salmon has the lowest contamination among all fish (=0.09 mercury).

Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist at Consumers Union US, says, “The FDA is relying on woefully inadequate data. There is sloppy science, small sample sizes, and questionable practices.” For example, the company used insensitive tests to try and measure the levels of growth hormone in the GM salmon and the levels of IGF-1, a hormone linked to a number of cancers.


While we in US live in a bubble and passively accept biotech shoving ‘Agent Orange Corn’ and ‘Frankenfish’ down our throat, other countries take necessary steps to protect their agricultural heritage:

GMOs are labeled in 56 different countries while more than 30 countries have banned GMOs. With U.S. anti-GMO labeling policies, there is no way to know if your favorite fish on your plate is being genetically modified or not. As if eating farmed fish (that has 30 times more sea lice and 10 times more PCB’s than wild salmon) wasn’t bad enough, now the biotech is moving forward with shoving ‘Frankenfish’ down our throat.

May be it’s time to take a stand and Say ‘No to Frankenfish’ for once and for all. Back in 2012, the process of GE pig called “Enviropig” (that was in race with ‘Frankenfish’) was stopped because of the public outcry and campaigns by the Canadian Biotechnology.

The Obama Administration has been doing a crappy job fighting for food transparency:

Despite Obama’s promises to label GE foods, Obama has been one of the best lobbyists and friends that biotech companies like Monsanto have in the White House. Despite his promises of ‘Change and Transparency’, Obama stubbornly continues to hide behind ‘Bush doctrine’ that claims that there isn’t a ‘material’ difference between GE salmon and normal fish.

From Obamadrones killing hundreds of innocent kids in Pakistan (with drone attacks) to choosing the most ruthless Wall Street gangs as advisors, once again Obama proves that he is a good slave of his Evil masters and the only thing missing in his birth certificates is the term ‘Owners’.

There is no conscience at giant Frankenfood and junk food companies. There is no conscience in Washington, which has been bought and paid for by this industry, If banning GE salmon or GMO labeling is about to happen, it has to come from consumers:

We need to unite in order to fight Obama’s administration pro-Monsanto and pro-GMO policies. Please support Organic Consumer’s campaign and send as many public comments to the FDA as possible to stop genetically engineered salmon: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=9142&track=FB&tag=FB







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