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How the Mainstream media ignores millions of people who marched against Monsanto and list of politicians who are on Monsanto’s payroll

On May 25th, two million people in more than 50 different countries marched against the giant biotech company Monsanto. The founder and organizer of “March against Monsanto” Tami Canal created a facebook page on February 28th encouraging everyone to join the march against Monsanto ... Seattle Restaurants



March against Monsanto

March against Monsanto and GMO, location, images and events. Recently many independent scientific papers, food advocates, researchers and even FDA’s scientists have been warming the public about the possible harms and side effects of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. But the big 6 pesticide and the pro-GMO crowd who have been financially benefiting from their stocks in biotech companies are still in denial and refuse to put a label on GMO ... Seattle Restaurants



Green Tea and herbal Tea and their Benefits

People have been drinking green tea and herbal tea for thousands of years for its healing and medicinal properties. Green tea is made of dried leaves of tea plant whereas herbal tea is made from bark, rot, flowers and leaves of one or different herbal plants. Herbal teas can be combination of different herbs and in some cases people might even show allergies to them. ... Seattle Restaurants



Top 10 Poisons that are the legacy of Monsanto

In 1985 Monsanto bought Searle Company that was the producer of artificial sweetener called aspartame used in carbonated beverages. Nutrasweet products are low calorie sweeteners that have been linked to cancer, craving for sugar, obesity, diabetes and chronic neurological disorders. At the same time, Monsanto among many other powerful corporations in America donates millions of dollars to research centers and facilities including the American Diabetes Association ... Seattle Restaurants


10 toxic foods, preservatives & additives

Top 10 toxic foods, preservatives & additives

High consumption of sugar, and the corresponding elevated insulin levels, can cause weight gain, bloating, fatigue, arthritis, migraines, lowered immune function, gallstones, obesity, breast cancer, gum disease and cavities, and cardiovascular disease. It’s best to use raw cane sugar as much as possible ... Seattle Restaurants



10 Facts you should know about Autism

Researchers suggest that autistic people should eliminate all dairy products, processed, packaged and canned foods, pesticide ridden foods, sodas and certain foods like strawberries and citrus fruits since they can affect the sensitive immune system of an individual with autism. A wide range of problems including nausea, whining, headaches, aggression and depression can be magnified by these foods ... Seattle Restaurants


Top 10 Superfoods needed for breastfeeding and nursing mothers

Top 10 Superfoods needed for breastfeeding and nursing mothers

Breastfeeding is a natural way for feeding a newborn instead of relying on cow’s milk or artificial infant formulas. Breastfeeding provides many benefits for the health of the mother and the baby. Mother’s milk is much easier to digest and can significantly reduce the chances of your baby developing allergies, respiratory problems, infections and constipation ... Seattle Restaurants



My Story. Hope It Saves A Life. May be You or Someone You Know

t is not often that any one of us goes through a life threatening experience and not wish to share it with other people in order to help others that may go through the same – may be it’s because we know how scared we were and remember that we felt so helpless and cried out for answers, ideas, solutions or just anything to make the pain go away so that we can feel better again and things go back to normal. ... Seattle Restaurants


Milk Tthistle Health Benefits

Milk thistle helps to regenerate healthy new cells in liver and protect kidneys, gallbladder and adrenal glands. Milk thistle can also improve adrenal disorder, inflammatory bowel disease, menstrual problems, jaundice, psoriasis, all liver diseases and strengthen the immune system ... Seattle Restaurants



How the Mainstream media ignores millions of people who marched against Monsanto and list of politicians who are on Monsanto’s payroll

Most people know that the House of Representative is a true representative of Monsanto, DuPont and their buddies and not the America public. That may sound cynical until one remembers that the House of Representatives recently had an opportunity to vote on a farm bill that will mandate GMO labeling laws. Instead, all 71 US senators (from both Republican and Democratic parties) voted against GMO labeling bill, the night before the good citizens of the world were getting ready to march against Monsanto ... march-against-Monsanto-politicians-paid-monsanto



Thyroid Connected to Breast Bone?

Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your trachea located towards the lower part of your neck. This gland is very sensitive and reacts by enlarging when you are under stress. It also enlarges during pregnancy, puberty and other hormone-induced changes such as during menstruation. Can this reactionary gland when damaged by radiation be responsible for breast cancer? .... Seattle Restaurants



Obama Signs Monsanto protection Act

Despite 250,000 people signing a petition requesting the President of the United States to veto Monsanto Protection Act, this bill was signed by the President into law. Under this law Monsanto will enjoy ultimate power and immunity from the US Federal courts and even the government ... obama-signed-Monsanto-protection-act.jpg



10 Facts you need to know about keeping your body healthy and strong

Not all multivitamins are the same and in fact many are lacking the right balance to keep the body optimized and healthy. For instance most multivitamins have about 100mcg of Vitamin B12. However the body needs at least 300mcg to reduce dramatically the problem associated to Pernicious anemia ... mental-physical-health-diet


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