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Health benefits of vitamin C and Study suggests that consuming foods high in vitamin C (such as oranges, strawberries, papaya and broccoli) could reduce the risk of strokes

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin found in raw (or slightly cooked) fresh fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, papaya, pineapple, bell peppers, berries, greens like broccoli and kale and tomatoes. Our bodies cannot store vitamin C, so ideally, every 4 hours one should take 'real' (absorbable) vitamin C supplements or eat fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Studies have suggested that people should take 250-500 mg of vitamin C twice a day. For the moment a tolerable upper limit of vitamin C is set at 2000 milligrams ...health-benefit-of-vitaminC-study-suggests-consuming-foods-high-in-vitaminC-can-reduce-risk-of-strokes



Your skin replaces itself once a month, what you eat literally becomes you and you have a choice in what you are made of!

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s impossible to achieve a healthy-looking skin without adopting a healthy life style. However, every year, the cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries make billions of dollars from moisturizing creams and skin care products that contain tons of harsh chemicals. While no one in their right mind would leave tons of toxic chemicals in an organ like heart, millions of women have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s ok to leave tons of harsh chemicals on their face or skin. What the cosmetic industry won’t tell you is the fact that fountain of youth is in your garden and you can wear it for life ... power-of-nutrition-antioxidant-foods-that-are-beneficial-harmful-for-skin-health



Beyond birds and bees, Neonicotinoid pesticides pose a serious threat to human’s health, as well as bees, birds and other beneficial insects

Neonicotinoid pesticides including acetamiprid and imidacloprid (that are responsible for deaths of millions of bees) are affecting developing human nervous system and may even harm developing brains of the unborn babies, experts at European Food Safety Authority say. While further research is being carried out, the experts want the acceptable exposure to neonicotinoids be lowered. According to experts at European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), “neonicotinoid pesticides could adversely affect the development of neurons and brain neural structures associated with functions such as learning and memory” ...neonicotinoid-pesticides-neurotoxins-pose-serious-threat-to-human-bees-birds-beneficial-insect



Grocery Manufacturers Association is pushing for legislation that will kill State GMO labeling; For how long we are going to let evil biotech and GMA sweep their dirt under the carpet hoping that enough number of people would remain indifferent to what they do?

Center for Food Safely has strongly criticized the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for lobbying to push and pass a legislation that will block states from mandating labeling genetically modified foods. So far, only few states including Hawaii, Alaska, Connecticut and Main have been able to pass GMO labeling bill. Just few months ago, Washington I-522 lost GMO labeling bill, in a slight margin after the giant agribusinesses (out of state) spent huge amount of money to defeat Yes on 522. Two years ago, biotech spent more than $46 million to defeat GMO labeling in state of California. However, biotech is pretty well-aware that other expensive battles against GMO labeling are ahead of them in 2014, in other states like Oregon and Vermont ... Grocery Manufacturers Association



No act of rebellion against the pesticide empire remains unrewarded. Giant agrochemicals file a lawsuit against the big Island Hawaii for passing regulations on GMOs and pesticides

Recently, the big Island Hawaii passed a bill that prohibits the biotech corporations and farmers from planting new GE crops. The law is set to be effective in August 2014, however, recently the three largest Agribusinesses and chemical corporations including DuPont, Syngenta and Agrigenetics Inc. (a company affiliated with the Dow AgroSciences) have filed a lawsuit against the Kauai law claiming that the Kauai law is unconstitutional. The Kauai law requires farmers and biotech companies not to plant new GE crops and disclose pesticide use and create buffer zones between fields that are sprayed with pesticides .... agribusinesses-chemical-companies-sue-Hawaii-anti-GMO-regulation



How kale is the new beef and why you should add kale on a regular basis to your daily diet?

Kale is an amazing green leafy and anti-inflammatory vegetable full of iron, calcium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Kale has more iron than beef and is a great source of fiber that can help to prevent heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Kale is a great superfood that can help digestive and liver problems and gets rid of free radicals in the body. One cup of kale has about 36 calories, 3g of fiber, 2g of protein, 345% vitamin A, 80% vitamin C, 9% calcium and 6% iron ... health-benefits-of-kale-nutritious-sustainable



Did you know that you may be ingesting 100 trillion nanoparticles every single day? Researchers warn that Nanoparticles in food, vitamins, cosmetics, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs could harm your health

According to researchers at Binghamton University and Cornell University, an average consumer could be ingesting 100 trillion nanoparticles every single day. The new study is published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology and the researchers warn that nanoparticles found in foods and nutritional supplements could be impacting your health and the long-term health consequences of these particles could be alarming ... nanoparticles-in-food-vitamins-pharmaceutical-drugs-could-harm-your-health



Bread and cereal bars contaminated with Toxic ‘Glyphosate’

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s best selling herbicide ‘Roundup’ and many independent research studies have linked glyphosate to cancer, infertility, gluten-related diseases, allergies and even organ failure. Thanks to the giant biotech company, Monsanto, more and more studies coming out suggesting that glyphosate is now everywhere, even in our air, drinking water and food supply ...is-your-bread-cereal-bars-water-contaminated-with-toxic-glyphosate



Research shows that Chinese herb ‘Sweet Wormwood’ and Iron can Kill 98% of cancer cells within 16 hours and how pharmaceutical drugs are nutritionally ruined and patented for the sake of corporate profit

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people die due to preventable diseases including cancer and diabetes. Up to this day, many physicians and giant pharmaceutical companies are in denial that healthy life style choices including diet and exercise are the main contributing factors to most diseases including cancer ... Seattle Restaurants



Studies show human exposure to cadmium is linked with the development of bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteomalacia and destruction of human eye’s cells

Cadmium is a highly toxic heavy metal mainly found in cigarettes, zinc byproducts, cadmium batteries, industrial paints, and electroplating. In US alone, just in 2011, more than 600 metric tons of cadmium was produced for industrial uses in batteries, solar cells, plastic stabilizers, nuclear reactors, alloys, coatings (electroplating), and pigments ... Seattle Restaurants



Recent studies find Monsanto’s Bt corn toxic to humans

More and more independent research and studies are indicating that BT corn and GMO crops resistant to Monsanto’s best selling herbicide ‘Roundup’ are toxic to both the environment and human’s health. Although biotech companies and their financial beneficiaries have shamefully been spending millions of dollars lobbying to hide and promote GMOs under the so called label of ‘Natural’, more and more independent researchers, scientists and health advocates are warning the public about the hidden dangers of GMOs and chemicals used in planting GE crops ... Seattle Restaurants



We actually are putting by products of crude oil known as Petrolatum on our skin - a known cancer-causing carcinogen according to EU

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it’s impossible to achieve a healthy-looking skin without adopting a healthy life style. However, every year, the cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries make billions of dollars from moisturizing creams and skin care products that contain tons of harsh chemicals. What is even more shocking is that millions of men and women buy these products for the supposedly miracle creams that promises younger looking skin through skin rejuvenation ingredients ...dangers-of-petrolatum-isopropyl-myristate-sorbitan-monooleate-PEG-methylparaben-in-skin-care-products-silvadene



Toxic ingredients in anti-aging creams like ‘Meaningful Beauty’ are not ‘Meaningful’ or ‘Beautiful’. What the cosmetic industry won’t tell you is the fact that 'fountain of youth' is in your garden, and you could wear it for life

I usually do not watch TV, but this morning when I was at the gym, I accidently saw the advertising for Cindy Crawford's signature cream called ‘Meaningful Beauty’. I have to admit that the ad is done in such a smart way that I bet millions of women would buy these products for the supposedly miracle cream that promises younger looking skin through skin rejuvenation ingredients ... toxic-ingredients-in-anti-aging-cream-Meaningful-Beauty-fountain-of-youth



Top 10 recommendations to eliminate your exposure to heavy metals like aluminum and lead

Thousands of consumer products are contaminated with heavy metals including aluminum. Many studies have shown that exposure to aluminum could cause a wide range of diseases including organ toxicity (liver, kidneys and brain), neurological problems (Alzheimer’s, dementia and brain damage), asthma and cancer (in particular breast cancer), Disturbingly, studies have shown that exposure to aluminum, even at 100,000 times lower levels of what’s found in consumer products like antiperspirant, could cause cancer ... recommendations-to-eliminate-your-exposure-to-heavy-metals-aluminum-lead





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