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Recent Articles about GMO and Monsanto:


Monsanto's GMO might soon be banned in India

In the last few years, Monsanto’s BT cotton has had devastating results in both livelihood and agricultural practices of Indian farmers. Just in the last decade by itself, Monsanto’s Bt cotton has led to suicide of more than 250,000 Indian farmers. Lately, Monsanto has been going through a few even tougher months after its GMO got banned in more than 27 countries across the globe. Soon, they will also face a possible 10 years ban in India ... Seattle Restaurants



Why don’t they call it proudly made with GMO?

Although the pesticide companies desperately have been trying to mislead everyone that the anti-GMO movement has been motivated by politicians, the TRUTH is that a great movement has been started and grown rapidly from the heart of the American people & Main Street to object the Washington corporate lobbying. And whether the big chemical companies acknowledge that or not, sooner or later there is going to be an end to a secret hidden GMO organism in our food supply .... Seattle Restaurants


Indian Farmers Committing Suicide as a Result of Monsanto's GM Crops

Recently many independent scientific papers, food advocates, researchers and even FDA’s scientists have been warming the public about the possible harms and side effects of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. But the big 6 pesticide and the pro-GMO crowd who have been financially benefiting from their stocks in biotech companies are still in denial and refuse to put a label on GMO ... Seattle Restaurants



Monsanto and DuPont's GMO War and biotech Monopoly

The giant four biotech companies including Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and Dow own 80% of corn and more than 70% of soybeans. In less than 10 years the world largest seed company, Monsanto has been able to dominate the entire market. The aggressive policies of Monsanto and its monopoly over our seeds and food supply have pushed smaller farmers out of business ... Monsanto and DuPont's GMO War and biotech Monopoly



Political corruption of Monsanto and its influence

One of the countries who stood firmly against the import of GMOs, synthetic pesticides and cows who are injected with hormones and antibiotics was France because it has zero tolerance for carcinogens in food. But as we all know, no act of rebellion against the pesticide empire remains unpunished. During George Bush’s presidency, the French rejected to import livestock from the US, however the US retaliated by increasing steel import tariff’s during GATT talks to punish the French government and accused them of being anti-American ... Seattle Restaurants


10 Reasons why Monsanto is corrupted from its core

10 Reasons why Monsanto is corrupted from its core

The biotech industry has been manipulating the genes of both GMO alfalfa and sugar beets treated with Monsanto’s Roundup. Beside the health risks associated with genetically modified foods, these so called GM crops treated with Monsanto’s Roundup are linked to many health problems as well as loss in soil useful microorganisms, sick plants that have malnutrition and soil infertility ... 10 Reasons why Monsanto is corrupted from its core



Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act

More than 250,000 people also signed a petition by Food and Democracy asking Obama not to pass the bill. Despite, many signing the petition, Obama signed Monsanto’s protection Act into law few days ago. That’s when the President and his entire family eat only organic food. In fact, the first lady Michelle Obama who has been an advocate about nutrition and childhood obesity insisted,during Obama's presidential that their family has been on organic diet for the past few years .... Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act



Top 10 Poisons that are the legacy of Monsanto

Soon after DDTs were banned in 1973 Monsanto developed another toxic pesticide called Roundup that’s even more toxic than DDT. The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate molecule used for killing weeds and roots. Glyphosate has been linked to birth defects, reproduction failure and deformities in animal laboratories. Roundup is now widely used as a common weed killer and is marketed to 115 countries worldwide. After selling Roundup, Monsanto’s sales grew by 20% and from 1980s to 1990s Roundup has made up for 45% of the company’s income ... poisons-legacy-Monsanto



Monsanto Protection Act and Biotech Tyranny

The giant biotech company, Monsanto was just able to pass a bill through the Congress, Senate and the President. Monsanto Protection Act would allow Monsanto to bypass and exploit the legal system even more than before. The 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill would allow Monsanto to even more recklessly plant GM crops without having to worry about US Federal courts or even the government ... Seattle Restaurants



StopMonsanto Film Project

Few events in modern memory have been more inspiring as the people grass-roots movements to have access to foods and produce that are not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals, and carcinogens that are harmful to our lives and our loved ones. In less than a decade, a major movement has taken place, against all odds, for the food industry to pay attention and produce foods that are organic and an army of devoted writers, researchers, scientists, and activists have been trying to educate the public about foods that don’t harm us and our children ... Seattle Restaurants



New GM babies born a decade ago

The big 6 pesticide firms, their supporters and financial beneficiaries are carrying a campaign against “prop.37” that is called “No On 37”. They have raised 32 million dollars so far and poured 19 million dollars into their campaign against Prop.37. These companies have been trying to call Pop.37 deceptive, despite all the independent scientific research studies indicating serious hazards and concerns expressed by the scientific communities and informed consumers ... Seattle Restaurants


Monsanto’s GMO crops have become resistant to pests and weeds

Monsanto’s GMO crops have become resistant to pests and weeds

Although Monsanto promised that genetically modified crops will reduce the use of pesticide, the truth is that since the introduction of GMOs, the use of pesticides has increased by 500 million pounds. Beside the increase in use of pesticides, Monsanto’s GMO crops have also become resistant to pests and weeds. A new research by University of Arizona shows how the weeds and pests are becoming quickly adaptable to GMO crops and as a result GM crops are losing their abilities to fight off pests and weeds ... Seattle Restaurants





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