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Studies show corn rootworms have developed resistant to Monsanto’s toxic Bt toxin.

According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, corn rootworm (also known as beetle larvae) has developed resistant to two separate strains of genetically modified corn.

More than 94% of US corns are genetically modified and majority of them release insecticide known as BT toxin that breaks the stomach of pests and bugs with one bite. The gene of bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis has been inserted into DNA of BT corn, in order to produce toxic protein that kills bugs and pests.


How nature will always find a way:

According to the recent research, the new rootworms are now developing resistant to two strains of GE corn known as Cry3Bb1 and mCry3A. Apparently, both Cry3Bb1 and mCry3A do not produce enough toxins to kill the strongest and largest rootworms, and that has led to the growing population of superbugs resistant to Bt toxin.

Now, the famers in Iowa have to deal with bigger and more destructive bugs that can easily munch on second strain of Bt Corn. Not to mention that these bugs are a lot stronger and bigger than usual and as a result, they could pose a serious threat to the environment, and entire ecosystem, including other bugs and beneficial bacteria in the soil.

The solution to the failure of Bt corn for controlling pests and bugs: Biotech says more toxic insecticides.

Like NRA gun lobby that promote more guns as a solution to gun violence, the biotech lobby would also tell you the solution to failure of GE crops is use of more toxic chemicals.

According to USDA, more than 76% of all corns planted last year were BT corn. Farmers are already using stronger insecticides, especially in some areas that BT corn has lost its full effectiveness. Biotech companies are in denial that they literally are taking us towards a more pesticide-dependent agriculture when they’ve always promised the opposite.

Because GE crops are losing their full effectiveness to combat pests and weeds, farmers have no choice but to use stronger chemicals and insecticides that are severely harming other species, beneficial bugs and insects including birds, bees and butterflies.

In fact, 94% US corn are already treated with toxic chemicals including neonicotinoids that are killing bees in millions. Find out how 37 millions bees found dead in Ontario, Canada after planting large GMO corn field treated with neonicotinoid class of pesticides: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/neonicotinoids-pesticides-colony-collapse-of-honeybees-suppressing-immune-system.php

Research studies have proven that GMO crops resistant to BT toxin or glyphosate are making Monarch and lady bugs to go extinct: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/gmo-roundup-bt-toxin-are-destroying-our-health-killing-birds-bees-lady-bugs-butterflies.php

BT-toxin-kills-human-cells-linked-to-allergies-gastrointestinal-issues-autoimmune-diseases-autism-infertility-leukemia-cancerIn fact, over the last few years, the number of butterflies has been enormously declining, causing 80% decline in the presence of milkweed (Monarch food) in US. According to Iowa State University biologist, Dr John Pleasants, before Roundup, milkweed used to grow throughout the fields, but now there isn’t a single milkweed plant to be found. Both Monsanto and FDA know that as Roundup kills unwanted weeds, it also destroys milkweed which is Monarch food.

All across US farms, Superweeds resistant to Monsanto’s toxic herbicide ‘Roundup’ are widely spreading. The biotech solution: Use stronger chemicals.

Nearly half of US farms are now dealing with superweeds that are becoming resistant to Monsanto’s best selling herbicide ‘Roundup’. Biotech and chemical companies are now using stronger and more toxic chemicals to combat superpests and superweeds.

While biotech companies are shoving down more toxic insecticides and chemicals down our throat, most Americans seem to passively accept the fact that giant Monsanto and Dow are making money from their left over ‘Agent Orange’. But the difference is that this time the victims aren’t going to be US veterans or 400,000 Vietnamese that were poisoned to deaths by Dioxin: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/usda-moves-forward-with-approval-of-agent-orange-corn-soy-resistant-to-toxic-herbicide-2-4-D.php

Health problems of BT corn and how BT toxin is creating an epidemic of gastrointestinal problems.

Many researchers have expressed their concern that BT toxin can turn your gut into a living pesticide factory. Few years ago, researchers at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found BT toxin in blood of 93% of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses.

If Bt toxin can break stomach of pests with one bite, they can also turn human digestive tract into a living environment for bacteria. In fact, many independent studies have concluded that Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells and is linked a wide range of diseases and allergies, including gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune diseases, autism, infertility, leukemia and cancer. Recently Italians scientists discovered that mice fed on Monsanto’s BT corn suffered from a range of autoimmune diseases including allergies, infections, kidney and liver toxicity, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and cancer.






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