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Health benefits of Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is a great source of antioxidants and bioflavonoids that can fight oxidation caused by free radicals. Grape seed extract is also a great source of vitamin C and E and can promote healthy skin. Grape seed extract is an anti-inflammatory that can also prevent tooth decay, improve circulation, help diabetes, relieve constipation, prevent osteoporosis, improve mental alertness, autism, ADD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Alzheimer`s ... grape-seed-extract-health-benefits-health



A world without cancer, intravenous vitamin C, the controversy stories about vitamin B17 and the hypocrisy of the cancer industry

Statistics show that one in three people will eventually die from some kind of a cancer and cancer up to this day continues to be one the main causes of deaths in many so-called advanced societies. According to worldwithoutcancer.org.uk, the tumors are widespread in 60% of patients diagnosed with cancer and the current dosages of chemotherapy drugs cannot destroy toxic large tumor cells. Also, chemotherapy destroys healthy cells as well as cancer cells, so patients are left with low immune system during and after the therapy ... vitaminB17-intravenous-vitaminC-cancer-treatment-hypocrisy-of-cancer-industry-health



Texas SWAT team raids an organic farm and growing your own food is like printing your own money

Recently, a Texas SWAT team raided an organic farm in Texas while they were supposedly looking for marijuana. The raid took about 10 hours and many organic plants and vegetables including blackberries, lamb’s quarters and okra were destroyed during the raid process while the police failed to find any evidence on drugs. According to realfarmacy.com, the Garden of Eden was raided by a SAWT team that included the police officers and code compliance employees ... Texas-SWAT-team-raids-organic-farmers



Hepatitis B vaccine kills three newborn babies with anaphylactic shock

The primary investigation has shown anaphylactic shock as the main cause of death. However, after this tragedy, the chairman of the vaccine program asked parents to “keep calm” and continue to vaccinate their children. The families of the deceased babies were paid $377 each and the mothers were offered free health care at the hospital where their babies received deadly vaccination ... infant-deaths-hepatitis-b-vaccines-health



Despite a French court ruling, France continues to ban GMOs and why French kids don’t have ADHD

France was one of the first few countries that imposed a ban on cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and the use of Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormones in livestock. In fact, France has zero tolerance policy for using hormones and chemicals and rejected to buy cows from US during George Bush presidency. US retaliated by increasing steel import tariff’s during GATT talks to punish the French government and accused them of being anti-American. Today, bovine growth hormones are banned in many countries throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and France itself with exception of United States .... France-bans-GMOs-french-kids-dont-have-adhd-infant-formula



Recent reports approve that GMOs have failed to reduce the use of herbicides and chemicals while they continue to feed Monsanto’s shareholders

Amazingly, Monsanto’s best selling herbicide “Roundup” has many warnings on its label (like you can’t breathe it, touch it or drink it) but it’s considered safe and it’s approved by FDA. Roundup has many negative side effects on the environment and human’s health and in fact, recent studies show that the active ingredient in Roundup called ‘glyphosate’ is more toxic than declared Seralini study ... GMOs-increase-pesticides-herbecides-use


protein-powder-toxins-heavy-metals-healthA recent study by consumer reports shows that your protein powder is toxic and contains heavy metals

Many people drink protein shakes to build muscles, lose weight, fight aging and have energy. However, a 2010 research by consumerreports.org shows that 15 different protein powders had at least one of the heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. The marketing ads for protein drinks call the protein supplements “ideal” for pregnant mothers and growing children and some of the ads even promise that if you drink their protein powder you never get sick and feel healthier or younger ... protein-powder-toxins-heavy-metals-health



Does Zombie Apocalypse exist and real mass destruction weapons

You probably have heard about a new disease called ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. Whether zombies are real or they are just Hollywood fantasy, over the last few years, there have been several disturbing reports about aggressive behavior and cannibalism. In fact, recently, a woman drove into McDonald’s drive thru screaming at McDonald’s staffs asking for “Chicken McNuggets” but it was early in the morning and McDonald's didn’t serve McNuggets until later that day in their lunch menu ... zombie-attack-chicken-McNuggets-WMDs-Syria-health



Top 10 healing Herbal teas and their health benefits

For centuries people have been drinking herbal teas for their great taste and incredible medicinal properties. Herbal teas are also known for their powerful antioxidant content. Herbal teas are made from different part of the plants like flowers, roots, seeds or bark. However, not all herbs are water soluble and some herbs including gingko leaf, saw palmetto and Milk Thistle are more effective if they are taken in high concentration only found in form of pill, capsule or extract ... Seattle Restaurants



The death of honeybees has led to the birth of robotic bees and companies who are in bed with Monsanto

The robotic bees are designed to save the planet from colony collapse of bees related to the increase in use of pesticides and chemicals. Currently, beekeepers are losing up to 50% of their hives while many beekeepers blame the use of systemic pesticides also known as neonicotinoids for losing their bee hives. Unlike traditional pesticides, systemic pesticides remain in the vascular system of the plant and produce toxic pollen and nectar which has led to colony collapse of bees ... Seattle Restaurants



The misleading study: "Omega 3 fatty acids can increase the risk of prostate cancer", makes a big headline

The media hype and false advertising are powerful tools in driving false conclusions on scientific facts and data that have been proven for many years. One of these misrepresentations comes in the form of a recent study by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle with a deceptive headline that “omega 3 fatty acids can increase the risk of most aggressive prostate cancer” ... Seattle Restaurants


Giant food corporations are controlling our food supply and Wal-Mart Policies to control monopoly

Giant food corporations are controlling our food supply and Wal-Mart Policies to control monopoly

It’s no longer a surprise that the giant multibillion dollar agribusinesses are destroying the local and organic farms in America and replacing a huge portion of our food supply with factory farms that are based outside this country. Most of the small traditional American farms are now destroyed by consolidation of larger land holders and the US government supports these predatorial corporations by allowing them to have monopolies and crush all the other competitors. ... Giant food corporations are controlling our food supply and Wal-Mart Policies to control monopoly



Fruit Skin and Seeds: What’s Good and What’s Not.

Before we get started, it is important to mention that although fruit skins are mostly good for you, the so-called conventionally-grown fruits (or vegetables for that matter) contain pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, contaminants, and or carcinogens. So no matter how nutritious the skin may be, remember that you are ingesting chemicals that are not good for you. Try to consume organically grown fruits and wash all fruits thoroughly with water before consumption ... Seattle Restaurants





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