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A summary of medical studies about Prostate cancer and recommendations on diet and herbs

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men after the age of 50. According to American Cancer Society, there are more than 180,000 new cases of prostate cancer and 31,000 men die from it. However, most medical professionals believe that all men will eventually develop prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, if they lived long enough ... prostate-cancer-diet-herbs-medical-study



A study shows that children in particular pre-school kids are highly exposed to cancer-causing chemicals like arsenic, dieldrin, acrylamide, DDE and dioxin

In a recent study, researchers at University of California, Davis and University of California, Los Angeles found that children in particular pre-school kids are at high risk of exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens like dioxin, arsenic, dieldrin, dioxin, dichlorodiphenylethylene or DDE (the metabolite of DDT pesticide) and acrylamide. These cancer-causing chemicals have also been linked to other health problems including birth defect and developmental and neurological problems ... children-exposed-to-cancer-causing-chemicals-arsenic-DDE-dixon-nutrition



Investors, Hedge Funds and Insider Traders are dumping Monsanto’s stocks

Monsanto Company has had one of the rockiest years of stock fluctuation. Monsanto’s stocks have been up and down after 2 million people globally marched against Monsanto and GMOs back in May 2013. The negative sentiments about GMOs and Monsanto have resulted in uncertainty and doubt among scientists and researchers as well as investors and hedge fund managers ... investors-insider-traders-hedge-funds-are-dumping-monsanto-company-stocks-GMO



Top recommendations for dealing with yeast, Candida or fungal infection

Yeast or fungal infection is usually caused by a single fungus called Candida albicans that is always present in intestinal tracts and genital. Candida infection usually happens when Candida albicans is present in disproportional quantities in various parts of the body such as mouth, ears, nose, gastrointestinal tract, genital and fingernails ... candidiasis-yeast-fungal-infection-herbs-diet



Health benefits of goji berries

Various research studies have shown that eating berries including blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries and goji berries can have many health benefits. Goji berries also known as wolfberry have been used for thousands of years for their healing and medicinal properties. Goji berries are an amazing nutrient-dense superfood and should be a part of regular diet of mothers and growing children. You can add goji berries to your smoothies, muffins or breads, salads or cereals on regular basis .... raw-goji-berries-nutrition-health-benefits



Testing finds high levels of illegal cancer-causing chemical in 100 different shampoos and soaps and personal care products that contain the carcinogen known as ‘cocamide DEA’ are required to warn consumers in state of California

Recently, an independent test by the Center for Environmental Health revealed that 98 different shampoos, soaps and personal care products sold by big retailers such as WalMart, Target, Trader Joe’s, Pharmaca, Kohl’s, and Babies R Us contain cancer-causing chemicals that violates the California Law ... cancer-causing-chemical-DEA-found-in-100-shampoos-personal-care-haircare-product



Are the “so-called” Energy Drinks Killing You Slowly?

The sales of energy drinks have grown by 60% over the past five years. One of the reasons that the market for energy drinks has grown so rapidly is the fact that these drinks are being marketed directly to children and adolescence. As the sales of energy drinks have grown, so have concerns for the potential health risks associated with these drinks ... energy-drinks-health-risks



The sweet Misery and a poisoned world, so they can kill you softly (Hidden carcinogens in foods and artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame Potassium and Aspartame)

The artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame potassium, Saccharin and sucralose are added to many dietary drinks and processed foods. Acesulfame potassium is used in sodas, protein powder and chewing gums and like aspartame is a cancer causing carcinogen that can mess with your central nervous system and digestive tract .acesulfame-potassium-aspartame-carcinogen-artificial-sweetener..



Is your shampoo affecting your health? Top toxic ingredients in shampoos and personal care products

It’s almost impossible these days not to notice the deceptive advertising about products that actually destroy your health. Common shampoos and conditioners happen to be one of the products that promise shiny and silky hair, but can contain toxic ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to your health ... Seattle Restaurants



Is the new FDA guideline meant to destroy free range poultry and egg producers? Tell FDA to ban conventionally grown chickens treated with arsenical drugs such as roxarsone and nitarsone

FDA recent guidelines are making it almost impossible for organic farmers to raise free-range chickens and eggs. FDA recent guidelines require that farmers with more than 3,000 egg laying chickens, should keep their hens indoors to avoid bacterial contamination like salmonella and contact with rats, mice, flies, cats and birds ... Seattle Restaurants



The biotech is raising $11 million to defeat GMO initiative labeling in Washington and Ronald Reagan sold WMDs to Saddam

Many Americans are familiar with the power and influence of the biotech companies and how they are capable of manipulating the truth and deceptive advertising. The big money from biotech is coming back once again to fight GMO initiative labeling in Washington. Keep in mind that the biotech including Monsanto and DuPont spent $46 million to defeat California Proposition No. 37 last year ... Seattle Restaurants



Chicken slaughterhouses are using high volume of new bacteria-killing chemicals to hide the presence of salmonella

According to Washington Post, a recent report by US Department of Agriculture shows that the chicken slaughterhouses use high volume of new bacteria-killing chemical that could be masking the presence of salmonella and other pathogens in chickens. The USDA experts also believe that using such strong chemicals can cause medical conditions in people such as increase in allergies, skin rashes and respiratory problems ... factory-chickens-bacteria-killing-chemicals-salmonella-health



Worrisome levels of arsenic found in more than 60 different rice and rice products including infant cereals

A report by consumerreports.org sugests that brown rice, white rice, rice breakfast cereals and organic rice baby cereals, all contain concerning levels of arsenic that is a known carcinogen, harming the human body. Besides rice products, arsenic can be found in fruits, vegetables, conventionally raised chickens and water ... Seattle Restaurants





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