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‘The Ocean is broken and dead’; the sad story of a sailor and the aftermath of Fukushima

Recently, the story of Ivan Macfadyen's who sailed from Melbourne to San Francisco was published all over the social media. Macfadyen made the same trip that he made 10 years ago across the Pacific Ocean, but this time, the Pacific wasn’t as blue and lively as he remembered previously ... nuclear-radiation-fukushima-dead-ocean-pollution



37 millions bees found dead in Ontario, Canada after planting large GMO corn field treated with neonicotinoid class of pesticides

Millions of bees dropped dead after GMO corn was planted few weeks ago in Ontario, Canada. The local bee keeper, Dave Schuit who produces honey in Elmwood lost about 37 million bees which are about 600 hives. “Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” Schuit said. While many bee keepers blame neonicotinoids, or "neonics." for colony collapse of bees and many countries in EU have banned neonicotinoid pesticides ... neonicotinoids-pesticides-colony-collapse-of-honeybees-suppressing-immune-system



Your tax dollars are wasted on governmental raids against organic food producers while World Food Prize goes to Monsanto and Syngenta who poison everything that you eat. Also, scientists say that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs and ‘yes on 522’ needs your support

Recently, a statement released by an international group of more than 90 academics, researchers and scientists stated that there are no scientific unanimity that genetically modified foods and crops are safe. The statement came right after the recent claims by biotech industry, its supporters and some scientists that there is scientific unanimity that GMO foods and crops are safe for the environment and health of humans and animals ... world-food-prize-goes-to-Monsanto-Syngenta-scientists-say-there-no-scientific-consensus-on-gmo-safety



MSG and aspartame can significantly damage your central nervous system and why the junk food industry loves MSG, aspartame and GMOs?

The giant agribusinesses and junk food industry are in the business of making people sick and they would use any means necessary to increase their profit at the expense of the public’s health. As a matter of fact, eight giant pesticide companies are also in charge of the world biggest pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These corporations spend billions of dollars promoting and selling their toxic foods instead of claiming that they offer proper research and independent studies that supposedly render their poisons being "safe" ... MSG-aspartame-GMOs-can-damage-central-nervous-system



Every six seconds, one person dies because of diabetes and both American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association are in bed with giant biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Diabetes affects more than 382 million people worldwide and according to International Diabetes Federation, every six seconds, one person dies because of diabetes. The statistics show that just in the last two years, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased by 4.4% and by 2035, the this number is going to increase by 55% .... American-Dietetic-Association-and-American-Diabetes-Association-are-in-bed-with-biotech-chemical-pharmaceutical-companies



Finally FDA bans Trans fat and partially-hydrogenated oils. What would it take for FDA to ban genetically modified foods?

In the last few weeks, Food and Drug administration has been imposing regulations and safety rules for pet food manufacturers and has finally imposed a ban on Trans Fat and partially-hydrogenated oils. In a press release, FDA announced that Trans fat and partially-hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are no longer ‘generally regarded as safe’ by the agency and food manufacturers can no longer use PHOs as food additives ... FDA-bans-Trans-fat-partially-hydrogenated-oil-conflict-of-interests-Monsanto-FDA



Best plant-based foods: high in protein

You probably know that in the United States, one in three kids born after the year 2000 is either obese or overweight. With the obesity rate so high, more and more families are seeking new ways to adapt healthier life style and food choices. Studies have shown that cutting or reducing animal fat and protein and replacing it with plant-based foods is an important factor in adapting a healthy life style ... plant-based-foods-nutritious-high-in-protein



Once again the corporate money seems to buy I-522 elections - Cockroaches will always find a way

You would always think that GMOs would have been banned or at least labeled by now in the US, considering that many scientists have linked GM foods with autism, cancer, infertility and organ failure. However, in the land of for the profit, it seems like Washington I-522 is going to lose, since the big money out of the state has been spending crazily to defeat Yes on 522. Most of the money on ‘No on 522’ campaign has been spent by giant biotech and chemical companies including Grocery Manufacturers Association (who illegally has been hiding the identity of its donors), Monsanto and DuPont ...biotech-chemical-corporations-spent-millions-to-defeat-Washington-GMO-labeling-initiative-I522



Your favorite oranges might soon contain pig genes

Well, as revolting and as insane as it may sound, you might have to get used to the idea that your favorite orange juice may contain genetically modified DNA of pig genes. Since 2005, Florida orange farms have been hit by Asian jumping lice and a bacterium known as Liberibacter asiaticus. The wide-spread disease called ‘citrus greening’ that has left thousands of oranges in FL farms sour and discolored has encouraged biotech scientists to use genetic manipulation ... Seattle Restaurants



Who controls the food supply, controls the people and the giant biotech is falling on its weight

Once again the big money from the giant biotech and chemical companies bought another election in favor of giant agribusinesses and Frankenfood companies. ‘Yes on 522’ seems to have lost by a margin of 3%, as the biotech industry poured millions of dollars to convince the voters that’s it’s none of their business what they are eating. This is when more than 60 countries have required GMOs to be labeled and 30 other countries have banned GMOs and more and more countries are putting more restricted laws on genetically modified foods. But in the United States ... Seattle Restaurants



Health benefits of organic raw cacao beans

For thousands of years, organic raw cacao beans have been used as for their healing and nutritional properties. Cacao beans are great superfood high in antioxidants, flavonoids nutrients and minerals such as sulfur, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Statistics show that 80% of Americans have magnesium deficiency and raw cacao beans are an amazing source of magnesium. Although many people might believe that cacao beans are high in fat, studies have shown that the omega 3 monounsaturated fatty acids in cacao beans are considered healthy fat that can fight animal fat and high cholesterol levels ... Seattle Restaurants



How to lower the risk of exposure to Fukushima radiation?

It’s been over a year since the Fukushima power plant disaster has happened and the recent report shows that 150-300 tons of radioactive materials are leaking into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis.Find out how the rate of contaminated water leakage pouring into Pacific Ocean from Fukushima nuclear plant is at the state of emergency at the moment. Although there are different scientific opinions on whether or not the radiation from Japan poses a serious threat to your health and the health of your family, you can minimize the radiation exposure by adding simple foods to your daily diet ...diet-recommendations-to-lower-risk-of-exposure-to-Fukushima-radiation



Utah mother blames flu shots for the death of her son and countless numbers of studies have linked vaccines to neurological problems and brain damage

Lori Webb, the mother of 19 years old teenager, Chandler Webb who recently went into a coma and never woke up says that her son died after he received a flu shot the week before he was rushed to the hospital. According to nydailynews.com, “Chandler Webb was admitted to the hospital a week after he first fell ill. Eventually, his brain swelled to the point that it crushed his brain stem. He was taken off life support a month after slipping into a coma” ... Seattle Restaurants





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